Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Getting Started

Last night I attended a meeting of the Red River Sierra Club (note, the group page has a lot of broken links.) We're a small group, but we exchanged a lot of ideas and information. When I left, I remembered a thought I had some months ago about starting a website that focused on green topics in the Wichita Falls area, in an attempt to help those who are trying to live a healthier, sustainable lifestyle connect to others with similar interests. I am not quite ready to take on that project yet--I am still trying to get my business website updated. But in the meantime, I thought a blog would be useful in at least spreading what I hear about and allowing others with similar interests to interact.

I have two related blogs that I have listed in the blog list to the side. I also added a couple of other local blogs that may be of interest. The bird blogs are not necessarily a spot-on match, but I find people who are interested in green topics often appreciate nature as well.

Send me:
Links to other related blogs
Reviews and links to good books and articles
Upcoming events
Forums, meetings, and workshops of sustainable living products
Businesses with related products or services

I am looking forward to encouraging a more sustainable and healthier Wichita Falls.

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