Monday, June 22, 2009

Green Workplace Workshop

As advertised, I attended a Green Workplace workshop sponsored by Benchmark last week. It was a good introduction to the topic and we all received another United Supermarkets cloth shopping bag (you can't have too many of those) as well as some handouts on water conservation and other tidbits. They also gave out workplace posters with 10 very simple ways to green the workplace. As they promised, there wasn't much in the way of advertising (of course, there was a little, but that's to be expected.)

Although fairly elementary, I did pick up some things I didn't know about. If you use a lot of batteries in your workplace or home, then The Big Green Box is an option. Yes, it costs, but considering the weight of batteries, the cost probably about covers shipping. The box can also be used for recycling some e-waste. We don't have a lot of options for that in Wichita Falls.

I have also been looking at web conferencing options and Benchmark uses DimDim as a free option for small groups (less than 20). I can see this as a good alternative for small businesses and non-profits to keep travel costs down (and reduce carbon emissions.)

Thanks, Joel, for the invite and Janet Jackson for the presentation.

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