Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Interested in Water Habitats?

The following is the text of an e-vite I received today:

Red River Stakeholders:

The SARP Community Watershed Project is coming to Wichita Falls the week of June 29th. As a stakeholder in the waters, the aquatic resources, and the use of the land, you are invited to participate.

In case you have not already read about the project, please look over the information provided below.


Tuesday, June 30th from 3 – 4:30 PM in Room 178, Dillard College of Business Administration, Midwestern State University.

Please read below (or the attached brochure Note: since I cannot attach the brochure, please contact me for a copy--I can email it--Penny) for more information and forward this email to others who are engaged and informed about the river basins and the resources they provide. We will continue to collect input and information through the middle of August 2009.

What is the SARP Community Watershed Project? The SARP Community Watershed Project seeks to find out what key stakeholders in the Sabine and Red River basins know and care about—specifically with regard to aquatic resources. Aquatic resources are the fish and other species which make up the diverse ecosystems found in our rivers, lakes, and coastal waters. SARP (see below) is an alliance of the 14 southeastern states, some federal agencies, Bass Anglers Sportsman Society, and others focused on preserving the benefits we receive from healthy fisheries and aquatic ecosystems. The Watershed Project brings a range of interests together to bring a diversity of local perspectives and knowledge into the planning process.

The guiding document for SARP is the Southeast Aquatic Habitat Plan (SAHP) (Note: I can also email this to you--Penny), which sets targets and strategies for conservation. 34% of North American fish species and 90% of the native mussel species designated as endangered, threatened, or of special concern are found in the Southeast. Read on to see how you can communicate your knowledge and concerns to SARP and its partners as they work to turn this around.

Who is SARP? The Southeast Aquatic Resources Partnership (SARP) is an alliance working to “restore aquatic resources including habitats throughout the Southeast, for the continuing benefit, use, and enjoyment of the American people.” SARP focuses on six key issue areas of greatest concern and interest to the Southeast
· Public Use: Increase recreational fishing and other sustainable uses of aquatic resources by the public.
· Fishery Mitigation: Provide high quality angling opportunities at water development projects.
· Imperiled Fish & Aquatic Species Recovery: Reduce the number of imperiled species in the Southeast.
· Inter-jurisdictional Fisheries: Protect, conserve, and restore inter-jurisdictional fisheries in the Southeast.
· Aquatic Habitat Conservation: Appropriate biological, chemical and physical integrity to support healthy functional communities for aquatic habitats.
· Aquatic Nuisance Species: Prevent and control the impact of invasive species on the ecological, economic and societal values of the Southeast.

Our Targeted Stakeholder Categories – If you are engaged and informed on issues that are relevant to the project , we need to hear from you.

Water supply management (human)
Water supply management (environmental)
Water quality management
Land use planning
Real Estate
Economic Development
Fishing, recreational
Fishing, commercial
Conservation advocacy
Natural resource management
Oil & Gas
Policy, Regulation and Law
Friends of [the lake]

Get Involved Stakeholder meetings. Join a live, in-person discussion and help us nail down local issues and priorities. See the enclosed flyer for meetings scheduled for your area (Note: again, call me for a copy--Penny).

The Stakeholder Survey. Tell us what you know about issues relevant to aquatic resources by filling out a convenient, online survey. Go to www.gulfmex.org/sarp or email mike@gulfmex.org. (this page goes live by June 22nd.)

Your contributions to the Watershed Project can take two forms: #1—Express your knowledge and priorities by participating in stakeholder meetings and our online survey.
· What you have experienced and what you care about.
· Local issues and priorities.
· Aquatic ecosystems and populations you know to be under stress.
· Conservation efforts planned, ongoing, or completed.

#2-Direct us to relevant work — studies, reports, databases.
· Bring it up in the survey.
· Email it to me at mike@gulfmex.org.

We extend our sincere thanks to the Dillard College of Business Administration for hosting this meeting, to Penny Miller for making those arrangements, as well as to the many people who have helped in reaching others with a stake in aquatic resources.

The SARP Community Watershed Project is conducted by the Gulf of Mexico Foundation through a grant from the Southeast Aquatic Resources Partnership. Learn more about the Foundation on our website at www.gulfmex.org.

Thanks, Mike Smith
Project Manager
Gulf of Mexico Foundation
361-882-3939 office
361-563-3406 mobile
361-882-1262 fax

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