Monday, June 22, 2009

Sunshine Natural Foods

Sunshine Foods has been a long-time favorite for organic and natural food in Wichita Falls. Before the major grocery chains began to carry a lot of natural and organic foods, this was about the only place in town to get these products. They are also the only restaurant that has organic food on the menu and vegetarian selections. They also have meat dishes.

It has been a long time since I went to Sunshine as the last couple of times haven't been impressive in terms of food quality and selection on the shelves. However, the point is to encourage businesses that support sustainable living, so I decided to go back today to check out lunch. I'm glad I did. Lunch was good. I decided on the chicken soup with whole grain roll, since I wasn't starving (although I did pick up an oatmeal raisin cookie to go--it was supposed to be my afternoon snack, but it didn't last that long. No willpower.) I did overhear some folks who came in behind me who had never been to the restaurant before--let's help Sunshine by spreading the word. I will go more often.

I did notice going in that they are now offering organic produce AT COST. I am not sure how they can afford to do that, but good for them. They don't have a large selection of produce, but perhaps if more people come in, they will in the future. You can also purchase local raw honey by the pound--just turn on the spigot and fill your choice of container. The shelves were better stocked than they were at times in the past. Although many of the products are available in local grocery stores, some are not.

I have been disappointed that Sunshine Foods has not been a vendor at the EcoFair in the past--perhaps they will get involved this year. I hope so.

My favorite is the bakery. They always have some fresh organic bread and cookies, both of which are soft points with me.

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