Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Stop the Spread!

On September 19, I attended an Invaders of Texas workshop. This is a citizen science project to document the range of invasive species in Texas. As usual our area has not been well studies and many invasive plants are not noted as present in our area.

Travis Gallo, our instructor, said the training would ruin our walks, because we would notice all of the invasives. I can't say my walks have been ruined, but I will agree that I never realized just how much of our local flora shouldn't be in Texas (and often, not in the US.)

If you missed the Invaders training, you can still participate in this project by taking the on-line Voyager training (guess what sci-fi program the person who came up with these names is fond of.) Then with digital camera, GPS, pen and paper, you're on your way! You can learn more about this program and sign up for the on-line program at If you take the training and want to sign up to upload observations, our satellite is the Rolling Plains Invaders.

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