Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Follow-up on BPA in Food Can Liners

Monday I wrote a blog entry concerning BPA in food can liners. This morning I see an article from Consumer Reports on this very thing, and the news isn't good. The amount of BPA in food from a can is can easily be above safe limits, if you eat much canned food. Personally, I don't eat a lot of food from a can, with the exception of tomatoes. In one canned soup, the contents contained more than double the amount of BPA considered safe for an adult male.

The article ends with the following pointers to reduce exposure to BPA:
  • Choose fresh food whenever possible
  • Consider alternatives to canned food, beverages, juices and infant formula
  • Use glass containers when heating food in a microwave

Consumer reports recommends frozen fruits and vegetables over canned, if you can't get fresh.

Another reason to take up gardening.

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