Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Help Create Fish Habitat

If you get a live Christmas tree, you can donate that tree after the holidays to help improve fish habitat in Lake Arrowhead.

Normally, Texas Parks and Wildlife gets the leftover trees from various tree lots in town to sink into the lake for fish habitat. The Rolling Plains Texas Master Naturalists help with this project. However, this year everyone has sold out of the live trees. Therefore, the fish need your help.

You may drop off live trees in the parking lot at Inland Fisheries at 409 Chester Avenue. Remove all lights, ornaments and tinsel. TPWD cannot use flocked trees--the chemical isn't good for the fish.

If you don't have a way to transport the tree, I can pick up in Wichita Falls (although that begs the question of how you got it home to start with--but things do change.) Just email green.wichitafalls@gmail.com.

The city also accepts trees for mulching, but I haven't seen the details for that yet. I will post when I do.

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