Friday, December 4, 2009

Reduce Food Waste

I throw away a lot of food (especially produce) and am trying to get better about it. I go to the store and think, "I'll make that this week!" and then don't do it.

Supposedly Americans was 14% of the food they purchase each year and throw out $600 in fruit alone. I don't think about how those mushy bananas add up, but they do.

I came across a good internet article on ideas to reduce/eliminate food waste. One they don't mention is "don't buy so much." I stop in the store a few times a week for various items and I am trying to take the European approach, at least on produce--only buy 1 or 2 days' at a time. I pass the store that often and so it's no great hardship to stop. The question will be whether the amount of produce I save offsets impulse purchases of other grocery items. We'll see.

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