Thursday, June 10, 2010

Have You Noticed?

The City is testing perennials in some of the medians (the one in front of the fire station on Beverly Blvd for one). Currently the city plants annuals (which are beautiful) and they have to be replaced on a regular basis to stay colorful and looking nice. The perennials would save money and perhaps some maintenance. We'll see how they work out. Congratulations to the city for looking for more environmentally conscious ways to keep the city looking nice. I wonder if the plants are also natives?


  1. That is wonderful to hear.:o) I noticed the plantings a few months ago and thought that it must cost an awful lot to keep it up.

    Can you recommend a place to take my recycling? I've looked and called around and apparently I'm not asking the right people because all I can find is newspaper and cans.

  2. Wendi,

    You can recycle anything organic using the compost bins ($3 per month, but you get all of your compost free) or by taking your organics to the transfer station on Lawrence Road.

    Glass recycling can be done at the United Supermarkets, the transfer station or River Bend Nature Center.

    We don't have plastics recycling in the city, but you can take your plastic bottles and sacks to the Wal-Mart stores--they have large bins as you walk into the store.

    For more information on recycling opportunities in the City of Wichita Falls, see the League of Women Voters/Sierra Club brochure,

  3. Thank you! Exactly what I needed.:o)