Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Solar Screens

Well, three people have now told me what a great difference solar screens from Builders Wholesale (hopefully the website will have more product information on it soon) have made on their electricity consumption. All have estimated about a year to pay back the investment they made--that doesn't seem too long to me.

Rick Belz is the owner of Builders Wholesale, and was one of the initial vendors (and sponsors) for the EcoFair the first year. Rick has a lot of products to reduce your carbon footprint. Go by and check out his place at 2905 Seymour Hwy. Tell him you saw the information here (not that you're likely to get any special benefits by mentioning this blog, but just a way to get the word out that people are paying attention and promoting businesses with sustainable products.)

Any other products or services you want to make sure others know about? Be sure to let me know at green.wichitafalls@gmail.com.

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