Saturday, November 27, 2010


I am re-watching the documentary, A World Withough People. Although I seriously doubt billions of people will just disappear overnight, it is interesting to see what would likely happen if they did. It is far more likely people will reach some sort of tipping point and there could well be a population crash of some sort, but who really knows? Perhaps we will just get smart and change our lifestyles.

But anyway, I find it vastly reassuring and comforting to realize that as dominant a species as we are currently, nature could quickly reclaim what we have subjugated for so long. There are a number of questions not answered, but I supposed the makers of the film did have to pick and choose the things to address to fit into a 2-hour time slot. The documentary focuses on infrastrucure issues. Certainly infrastructure is the most obvious sign of humans, but there are some significant impacts we've had on the environment that are not readily apparent. I would have liked to hear something about the persistence of the many poisons we pump into the environment. But I would guess in the end, most of that would also be gone.

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