Friday, January 14, 2011

Interested in Wind Energy for Your Home?

I met an interesting person at my Associated Business Partners meeting on Thursday. Steve Pelsue joined the group while I was out the last few weeks. Steve owns several companies, but the one I want to bring to your attention today is North Texas Wind.

Many people are interested in the possibilities of wind energy for their homes and businesses, but a windmill just isn't feasible in town. I know of a couple of companies locally providing options--this is the newest. Don't forget federal tax incentives are available to help overcome the financial barrier to wind devices and you should be able to earn back your investment in a few years.

If you're evaluating options, give Steve a call a 940-642-5708.

I am glad to see more companies involved in sustainable products and services in our community. Remember, if you learn about any businesses providing similar items, be sure to let me know at

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