Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Story of Bottled Water

I rarely drink bottled water. Yes, I sometimes buy some when I am out in the field and get hot and for whatever reason have run out of the water I bring with me. But I have been trying to make that less and less common.

In this little animation, "The Story of Water," find out why bottled water is just crazy. Now I know there are communities where the drinking water is not safe for short times during a crisis or due to some sort of contaimination. And I drank thousands of bottles of water during a 4-month deployment to Saudi Arabia as that was the option available. I keep an emergency supply of water in gallon containers just in case. However, bottled water should be the exception, not the rule. Not only is it environmentally irresponsible, it is economically nuts for the consumer.

For those who live in Wichita Falls or who live in communities that purchase their water from Wichita Falls, the water quality is good. If you believe you can taste the salts in the water on occasion and want to get rid of that taste, consider a filter at your tap where you pull out your drinking water. I am not convinced it is necessary, but would seem to be more sensible than bottled water.

Can you commit to saying "no" to bottled water?

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  1. We quit bottled water a long time ago. I always assumed it was fine because I was recycling. At the time I wasn't thinking of the waste of just making the bottles.