Wednesday, March 30, 2011


One way we can all live more sustainably is to grow some of our own food. I added a few vegetable plants in the flower beds where we removed some invasives this past year. Today Jim Miller pointed me to an ad selling some heirloom tomato plants on Craig's list. Heirloom plants are open pollinated and grown in an earlier era. They come in many varieties not commonly seen now. Take a look at some of the varieties shown in the referenced ad, for example. They provide the opportunity to maintain some of the genetic diversity in our food crops, and give us the chance to experiment with more colors, flavors and textures than we can easily find in our stores. It's also a stick in the eye to Monsanto, which I am all for. I contacted Sherry and she is delivering some plants to me in Wichita Falls on Friday. You may be able to get your order in for this week. If not, she'll be back in town next Friday. Along with the tomatoes I already put it, I'll probably have more tomatoes than I know what to do with this year, but we'll see. The heat hasn't arrived yet. Now for some herbs.

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