Monday, July 11, 2011

Article on "Ecosystem Gardening"

This is really a follow on to my post a few days ago about working to make our new yard more wildlife-friendly. If homeowners can do it, why not businesses, cemeteries, schools and churches?

I came across a website I think will be of interest to readers. Why not talk to your employer, pastor, etc. about making the empty lawns around most public buildings more ecofriendly? After the intial planting, I'm willing to bet that for most organizations, the maintenance costs would be less than the regular mowing, trimming, watering and fertilizing of the typical lawn, and would have the added benefit of attracting wildlife.

Note the 5 pillars:

  • Sustainable gardening

  • Soil health

  • Water conservation

  • Remove invasive plants

  • Plant native plants


  1. Hi Penny, Thanks for the nice shout out for Ecosystem Gardening :) We really can make a difference for wildlife in our gardens by learning to share our space with them

  2. You're welcome Carole. I enjoyed the webssite--I hope more people visit and learn some things they can use. I subscribed to your newsletter and will definitely pass on interesting things I see.