Monday, September 5, 2011

Garden Taking Shape

I don't intend to do a lot with the garden this fall, although I am planting a little. Hubby unloaded 2 pick up loads of compost into my 8' x 20' space Saturday. I got to spread the compost about 3 - 4 inches deep.

Today I actually put in some plants and seeds--you can see there is still a lot of room. I put perennials (herbs mostly--apple mint, rosemary, lavendar) at the end near the trash bins and annuals at the opposite end. Then I put some rotted leaves down around the plants for mulch.

Thanks to the cooler temperatures, the plants are still looking pretty good tonight. They should have at least this week of 80-degree weather to get acclimated. I also planted some seeds (radishes, carrots, etc.) We'll see what comes up. It would be nice to get some rain.
Although not in this picture, I did also add some more butterfly and bird friendly plants to the area around my bird bath. It will probably be overplanted next year, but if so, I'll move some things around. I haven't prepared the other beds in the yard yet.

Hubby is starting a grape arbor in my potting area for shade and also a garden arbor at the entrance to that area. Yes, grapes for the arbor and probably coral honeysuckle (not the invasive Japanese honeysuckle) for the entryway. If I don't change my mind.

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