Saturday, November 12, 2011

First Fruits From the Garden

Although my husband got a bunch of radishes from our fall garden earlier, this year I tackled some of the things I thought would likely get bit by frost soon. We have been covering the garden the nights when frost has been predicted, but we'll get caught one of these days.

So today I put up basil, parsley and kale. I still have one basil plant in a pot in the house, but now I have some in the freezer too.

It feels good to have home grown food in the freezer. I know no one has sprayed anything on it I don't want in my body and since it went from garden to freezer in a matter of minutes, I am sure the plants are full of flavor and vitamins.

There are still a lot of plants out there--we'll see how it goes.

Even if you don't have room for a big garden, consider growing some food in pots, mixed in your flower beds or even on your window sill.

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