Sunday, April 21, 2013

Earth Day 2013

Two people, 2.5 hours, can make a difference!
 What did you do to celebrate Earth Day this year? I had a pretty decent day, overall. First I went out for the Red River Sierra Club trash cleanup for our Adopt-a-Highway segment on Sisk Rd. This time, only Joy Parsons and I showed up. However, we picked up a lot of trash in 2.5 hours as you can see in the photo of Joy next to our trash to the left.

Chris Ross with his hydroponics unit
After I cleaned up a little, I headed to River Bend Nature Center for the annual Earth Day event. Although going to RBNC is always a treat, I must say I was a little disappointed with the event. However, I was able to catch up with several people I know and needed to talk to, the event still worked for me. There were probably several people there who had never been to RBNC and had a chance to visit the conservatory and walk the trails, so that's all good. One display that was especially interesting to me was a gentleman who had a hydroponics display. The lower tank has fish in it and the upper containers, vegetables. No chemical fertilizers. The person with the display is Chris Ross. He said a larger unit could have tilapia in the lower tank (this one had gold fish.) He is willing to help others put a unit together for free if they buy the supplies. He indicated a unit like his would cost $250 - $300 if you bought everything new. I have his phone number. Contact me by email at for a phone number.