Sunday, June 16, 2013

National Pollinators Week

Bee covered in pollen
Photo by Sage Ross, Wikimedia Commons
National Pollinators Week is June 17 - 23.

Pollinators are responsible for the successful reproduction of 70% of flowering plants and over 2/3 of crop species. But the number of pollinators is dropping fast. They are also a keystone species in the environment, being vital to the success of many other animals. Pollinators are at risk from habitat loss,  pesticide use and introduced diseases.

These unsung heroes are a vital part of our communities and are under severe stress. We can all so our part to help keep these little guys around, without a lot of work.

The Xerces Society has a lot of helpful information on their website, including the following four principles:

  • Grow the right flowers, shrubs and trees
  • Don't use pesticides
  • Provide suitable habitat for nesting
  • Talk about the importance of pollinators
For a list of suitable plant species for our area, see the Pollinator Conservation Resource Center.

So this coming week, how about doing at least one thing to help the pollinators in our community?

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