Monday, July 26, 2010


I read an interesting blog from Joel Makower this morning on what label we should apply to someone commited to sustainability. It is true that we tend to label everything and without a label, we don't seem to be able to wrap our arms around it. Of course, labels also lend themselves to extremists on both sides who use the label to avoid having to deal with complicated issues. Attack the label and you avoid having to put more than one or two brain cells to work.

But his premise is an interesting one. I don't have any great ideas; do you?

Budget Cuts and the Environment

Is there anyone who isn't aware the federal government is swimming in red ink? There have been many calls to cut the budget, but not a lot of ideas on precisely where.

The Friends of the Earth have published "Green Scissors 2010" a compilation of their ideas of where $200 B could be shaved from the federal budget that would have the added benefit of helping the environment as well.

I don't know that I agree with all of their recommendations, but at least there are some concrete suggestions here, which is more than I have heard from others calling for cuts in the budget. Let the debate begin!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Three Things

First, I added a widget to this blog to make it easier to share these blog posts on Facebook or by email or incorporate into your own blog (you don't have to cut and paste the link). Hopefully, that will help spread the word on new companies, businesses, products, and events of interest to the community.

Second, for those on Facebook, Greenco now has a business page, so search for it and "like" the page.

Third, I noted today an article on the front page of TRN about the solar panels James Lane is installing to reduce their carbon footprint. Good to see businesses investing in alternative energy in Wichita Falls. If you're a customer of James Lane, let them know you care.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Safe Cosmetics Campaign

Today marked the launch of the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics. I don't use a lot of "stuff," and am not well versed on the topic, but after watching the little video at the campaign website I need to pay more attention. I posted the link to my FB page and encourage others to share as well.

The Prairie

I have a lot of respect and admiration for John Hirschi and his support of many worthwhile efforts in various charitable and green causes in our area. Some years back he started talking about developing a green subdivision. He bought and started working to restore some property in Archer County and last year at EcoFair had information. Building has begun. There was a story today in the Times Record News about the Prairie development. I hope it proves to be a successful venture.

Sunshine Eatery Closing

According to a story in today's Times Record News, Sunshine Natural Foods is closing its restaurant. I am sorry to hear that, even though it wasn't a place I ate often. I don't know any of the local restaurants that serve organic and only a couple that seem to make any effort toward local foods. I think if we could find someone willing to go organic and local, they could make a go of it, even in "meat and potatoes" Wichita Falls.

Best wishes to Jay Murray in his new job at Rolling Meadows.

Follow up on Recycling Service

I was able to contact Jason from Greenco to get more information about his services. He gave me permission to paste his email in this blog, so here it is--the scoop, straight from the person in the know! (I want to point out one of the things Jason says below: "..if something was going to be done then I'm the person to do it..." We need more of that attitude in the Falls.)


"Thank you so much for inquiring! I love the blog!

"First of all I just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Jason Tucker and I have been working for a home/business water delivery company in Wichita Falls for the past 8 years. Over the years I've had tons of my customers asking me about recycling the bottles. I actually brought that up to my upper management team to see if that was something we could act upon. Although it was a great idea, they just couldn't see where it would be cost effective enough for us to participate. I have been contemplating this idea for a very long time. I finally realized that if something is going to be done then I'm the person to do it, so here I am starting up Greenco. We have a very small budget. We hope to get the word out with flyers, business cards, and most importantly word of mouth. My short term goal is to make as many people as possible aware of how important it is to recycle. My long term goal is to get a recycling plant in the Wichita Falls area that deals with plastic and many other products that the current recycling plants here in town don't handle. At this time, I will be driving to the Metroplex to a recycling center to drop off our loads. Hopefully we will not be doing this long. We are meeting with several companies this weekend to see about having them come to us to pick up and deliver directly to recycling manufacturers.

"With that being far as set up, not much is needed. I supply your bin. There is a $10 set up fee due at the time the bin is delivered.

"Monthly rates for the curbside service:
$7.99 Monthly pick up
$9.99 Bi-Weekly pick up
$12.99 Weekly pickup


"As we grow we will be adding to the list of items we will pick up for recycling.

"We also service businesses and have a one time pick up service available. If you're having a get together and need additional bins give us a call and will get you set up. (What a great way to encourage others to participate!)

"Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions!

"Thank you!!
Jason Tucker

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Like to Read?

If you like to read, come to Books-a-Million, Sikes Senter Mall, this Saturday from Noon - 4 PM. Book-a-Million is donating 10% of all purchases made during that time to River Bend. Get yourself a treat and start your Christmas shopping early.

Monday, July 19, 2010

New Recycling Service in Wichita Falls

I have been out of town for a couple of weeks for vacation and it seems like I am having a hard time reconnecting now that I am back.

I did receive an email over the weekend from Jan Herzog by way of Kelly Maestas. All of you who have been agitating for a way to recycling plastics, pay attention.

Apparently a Jason Tucker has started a curbside recycling for aluminum and plastics, called Greenco. I am sending him an email this morning in hopes of talking to him directly and getting more informaion to share. In them meantime, here is the information in Jan's email:

Accepts all types of clean plastic containers--doesn't have to be sorted
He will supply the bins--a small deposit may be required
$8 for once a month service, $10 for twice a month, and $12 for weekly

This is a startup, so Jason currently works another full-time job. You can reach him by email at or 940-257-7257. Since he does work another job, he may not call you back until the evening.

For those who have been wanting curbside recycling and plastics recycling, this would be a good way to get on board. However, as a reminder, you can greatly reduce the need to recycling by reducing your waste stream. It's not entirely possible to eliminate plastic and aluminum waste, but we can cut it down considerably. But I encourage you to recycle what you have and consider contacting Greenco about their services.

I will post more information when I get it.