Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Follow up on Recycling Service

I was able to contact Jason from Greenco to get more information about his services. He gave me permission to paste his email in this blog, so here it is--the scoop, straight from the person in the know! (I want to point out one of the things Jason says below: "..if something was going to be done then I'm the person to do it..." We need more of that attitude in the Falls.)


"Thank you so much for inquiring! I love the blog!

"First of all I just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Jason Tucker and I have been working for a home/business water delivery company in Wichita Falls for the past 8 years. Over the years I've had tons of my customers asking me about recycling the bottles. I actually brought that up to my upper management team to see if that was something we could act upon. Although it was a great idea, they just couldn't see where it would be cost effective enough for us to participate. I have been contemplating this idea for a very long time. I finally realized that if something is going to be done then I'm the person to do it, so here I am starting up Greenco. We have a very small budget. We hope to get the word out with flyers, business cards, and most importantly word of mouth. My short term goal is to make as many people as possible aware of how important it is to recycle. My long term goal is to get a recycling plant in the Wichita Falls area that deals with plastic and many other products that the current recycling plants here in town don't handle. At this time, I will be driving to the Metroplex to a recycling center to drop off our loads. Hopefully we will not be doing this long. We are meeting with several companies this weekend to see about having them come to us to pick up and deliver directly to recycling manufacturers.

"With that being far as set up, not much is needed. I supply your bin. There is a $10 set up fee due at the time the bin is delivered.

"Monthly rates for the curbside service:
$7.99 Monthly pick up
$9.99 Bi-Weekly pick up
$12.99 Weekly pickup


"As we grow we will be adding to the list of items we will pick up for recycling.

"We also service businesses and have a one time pick up service available. If you're having a get together and need additional bins give us a call and will get you set up. (What a great way to encourage others to participate!)

"Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions!

"Thank you!!
Jason Tucker

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