Friday, March 4, 2011

Book Review: Attracting Native Pollinators

On January 17, I announced a presale on Attracting Native Pollinators from the Xerces Society. I ordered a copy and received it a little over a week ago. I finally took some time to take a good look at it and all I can say is, "You gotta get a copy!"

The first thing that catches your attention is the pretty pictures. I'm perfectly capable of reading a non-illustrated book, but hey, I am not above becoming absorbed in beautiful pictures of flowers, butterflies, and bees. After all, it works for Birds and Blooms, doesn't it?

The book discusses why pollinators are important and why they're struggling. Then the authors' provide strategies for helping preserve and improve habitat from urban landscapes to parks and farms/ranches. The book also describes how to make a number of low cost pollinator shelters and suggests appropriate plants for your garden. If you don't feel ready to make the leap to design your own garden, they have plans for several layouts with regional lists of appropriate plants (to include ours.)

You can't go wrong with this book. For everyone trying to make our community a more liveable and sustainable place for both people and other living things, I highly recommend getting and using a copy. I bought mine from the Xerces Society since I am a member and support the organization, but I found the book on for cheaper, so feel free to go that route--just get one. Remember, if you purchase from Amazon consider accessing through Wild Bird Rescue's website, and they will receive a portion of the proceeds. I know that and seem to rarely remember.

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